We’ve been working in the tech space since 2000, working across websites and digital marketing in various organisations since 2000. We founded Zambezi in 2012 and since then, Zambezi has grown rapidly, creating all kinds of websites and campaigns for ambitious start-ups and SMEs. Working collaboratively with our clients, we deliver everything from digital strategy to social media support, for every stage of their business.

Our clients seem to like what we do and stick with us as they grow.

Bridget Adams

Bridget has over 20 years of marketing experience across varied sectors including; technology, retail, recruitment and media and across web, TV and mobile platforms. She is a specialist in digital marketing, having worked for organisations such as BBC, Lycos and Channel 4. With excellent project management, client relationship and marketing skills, she brings a wealth of business knowledge to our clients.

Thandi Viljoen

Originally from South Africa (hence Zambezi!), Thandi has lived and worked in the UK for over 18 years. Thandi has been designing for the web since 1998, having worked for web design and development agencies, start-ups as well as companies such as Aqua Online and Vetclick. She brings both creative and technical skills and expertise to Zambezi Digital’s design and development projects.